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Move things from place

Despite optimistic reports of the Russian government, experts note a decline in investment activity. Although the money available in the country, and there is much to invest – some funds are still Soviet, all imaginable and unimaginable resources already developed. So why is there is a decline in investment activity? There is a strong feeling… Read More

Investments in the metallurgical industry of Russia

Investments in the metallurgical

In the Irkutsk region under renewed Taishet aluminum smelter UC Rusal, owned by Oleg Deripaska. Construction is underway on a credit line of VEB. The cost of the first line of the plant is $ 1.77 billion, its capacity to 375 thousand. Tons of primary aluminum. Presently invested 35% of the total construction. The plant’s… Read More

America gave the Russian steamer, or deal of the century.

America gave the Russian steame

New technologies Oil and retreat of polar ice with their traditionally occupied areas of the ocean made ​​possible the development of new offshore fields, previously unavailable for a number of technological reasons. Now the continental shelf of the Arctic coast of Russia is almost open for production of black gold. This was stated by two… Read More