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Vice Chancellor of the University of Kurdistan From a region that was closed off from the West pre-2002, Kurdistan is gradually moving toward an English bilingual society. This linguistic shift owes much to the vision of Prime Minister Barzani, who took the decision for the institution to provide education through English as of 2006. This… Read More

The prodigy of the Middle East


An investment hub brimming with opportunity, Kurdistan is fast becoming the prodigy of the Middle East. From the ashes of the tumultuous previous regime has emerged modern Kurdistan like the mythological phoenix. To look back on this prosperous decade is to take stock of just how far the region has come in such a short… Read More

Russia ranked second in the world in gold mining

Russia in 2014 increased gold production by 7% to 272 tons, pushing the second line of Australia (269.7 tons) in the world ranking of the largest producers of precious metals, according to Thomson Reuters GFMS. Gold mining in Russia is growing not the first year. In 2013, gold production in Russia increased by 12.6% to… Read More

Iran returns to the oil market

  The signing of the framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear program in Lausanne can be considered a victory diplomats as the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and the five nuclear powers and Germany. Most from the removal of the problem of Iran’s nuclear program and the lifting of sanctions, which must ensue to win the… Read More

General overview of the Ukrainian labor forces

Labor forces

Labor forces of the businesses, organizations, and human resources as a whole are in motion. Therefore, along with the study of the number and composition of staff statistics reflect changes in the number of workers and examines the movement of their number in each enterprise, association, industry. To study the labor movement of innodividual units… Read More

Investments in the metallurgical industry of Russia

Investments in the metallurgical

In the Irkutsk region under renewed Taishet aluminum smelter UC Rusal, owned by Oleg Deripaska. Construction is underway on a credit line of VEB. The cost of the first line of the plant is $ 1.77 billion, its capacity to 375 thousand. Tons of primary aluminum. Presently invested 35% of the total construction. The plant’s… Read More