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The “Business” of Custom Knives

knifemaking business

Learn what every maker who tries to sell a knife should know. I have been involved in custom knives for over 23 years. I have never seen the custom knife market as competitive as it is today. By now I suspect that many custom knifemakers out there have noticed that there are many custom knifemakers… Read More

KAR Group


KAR Group is the Kurdish oil and gas leader in more ways than one; it also stands apart for its range of activities and ambitious vision. Owner of the largest private refinery in all of Iraq, KAR’s performance is notable for its success in downstream activities. Indeed, such is chairman Mr. Baz Karim’s burgeoning reputation… Read More

Talent doesn’t make the phone ring


GURUS FROM PPA STUDIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES ANSWER YOUR BUSINESS, MARKETING, AND SALES QUESTIONS. Q. I’m a highly talented wedding and high school senior photographer, but I can’t seem to get potential clients to call me. How can I boost revenues through marketing? A. Marketing and networking are essential to business survival. Photography is readily available… Read More

KRET created a power station for electric vehicles

KRET developed a universal elektrozaryadnye station “Fora” for rapid charging of electric vehicles in Russia and abroad. Universal charger can provide charging parameters at the level of the best world standards and can easily adapt to electric vehicles from different manufacturers. KRET developed charging stations not only variable, but DC to charge traction batteries of… Read More

Crimea no longer depend on the Ukrainian water

In Crimea, started a trial supply of fresh water for new pipelines. Russian military ahead of schedule laid the first 8 lines on which water is freely will now go to the inhabitants of the peninsula. The decision to build the pipeline was made last year, when the Kyiv authorities blocked North Crimean Canal, and… Read More

10 tips to improve your small business

Many enterprising people start making money in a small business with earnings is not much different from the salary at work. Prospects of any company in the small and medium-sized businesses are quite large enough to make a little effort for its development. The main tasks are to develop advertising and marketing approaches. Renowned economist… Read More