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Crimea no longer depend on the Ukrainian water

In Crimea, started a trial supply of fresh water for new pipelines. Russian military ahead of schedule laid the first 8 lines on which water is freely will now go to the inhabitants of the peninsula. The decision to build the pipeline was made last year, when the Kyiv authorities blocked North Crimean Canal, and the region was actually in the water blockade.

Mainstream North Crimean Canal reiterates deep river. Salvation became artesian wells. Of these mains water enters this channel. “I am very pleased that participated and I am proud that we have done our job. The water is supplied with a large flow in the Crimea”, – says Andrei Medvedev, deputy commander of a platoon of the 1st Pipeline Company of the 1st Battalion of the pipeline in the Western Military District.

New water – in record time. Less than a week spent eight military highways. The total length of the pipes – more than forty kilometers. And this is just the beginning. “Thanks to the Department of Defense, we close this weak place for us,” – said Vladimir Konstantinov, Chairman of the City Council of the Republic of Crimea.

Water went not only to the North Crimean channel, but also in homes. On highways in the near future, it will flow in Kerch, Feodosia, Sudak and Old Crimea. These cities last year suffered the most from the water blockade imposed on the official Kiev. Now, locals and visitors will not get any more problems with water supply.

Hard to believe that a year ago the main waterway of the peninsula completely dried up. You could even walk on the bottom of the North Crimean Canal. Official Kiev then simply build a dam and flows Dnieper water began to drop into the Black Sea. But without Ukraine channel filled with water already at the expense of own sources. These volumes will be enough not only for the whole of the south-eastern part of the peninsula, but also for irrigation of agricultural land.

Apple, peach and pear orchards – a total of seven hectares of land and nearly fifty tons of the crop. This was no small farming follows one family – Andrew Gutsul with his wife and children. Last year for them, as for all farmers was not easy – not enough water. Transferred gardens on drip irrigation. And better for the soil and the crop is obtained juicier.

Without drinking water peninsula also will not. The one that already exists in the reservoirs will last for the entire holiday season. In addition to the summer in Sudak must earn desalination plants. And in the western part of the peninsula begin to drill additional wells.


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