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Evraz finished earlier investment project at the mine “Alardinskaja”

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Evraz started a first lava (3-40) Eastern Bloc mine “Alardinskaja” JUzhkuzbassuglja. The company’s investments in the project exceeded $ 1 billion. Industrial stocks new stope – about 3 million tons of coal. The company plans to use them for two years; intensity of production is 170 – 200 thousand tons per month.

The investment project to excavate and prepare the Eastern bloc was launched in March 2013 and was completed two months ahead of schedule.
During this time the experts reconstructed the ventilation system and power supply, improved water control mine. The project was completed more than 8 km of mine workings.

To ensure direct delivery of coal from the mine to the Eastern Bloc coal depot was commissioned modern assembly line length of about 7 km. In the mine mounted two main conveyor Pioma, which became part of the main conveyor line and connected Central and Eastern Bloc. New conveyors with belt width 1400 mm have a high capacity – up to 2,000 tons of coal per hour.

Particular attention was paid to the implementation of the project to ensure the security and stability of environmental condition. In the block is in preliminary degassing array using mobile degassing unit, built on the surface. For organizations gazoupravleniya goaf lava 3-40 gazootsasyvayuschaya mounted installation.

“Commissioning of the first lava Eastern bloc to” Alardinskaja “in importance is not inferior to the construction of a new mine, – the Vice-President of the Eurasia Division Head” Coal “Sergey Stepanov. – A team of professionals worked for several years on the project, and as a result we have prepared for working out the most difficult for mining and geological conditions section of the Eastern bloc. Now our main objectives – reducing the ash content of coal mined from the lava and the selection of optimum enrichment technology that will provide a competitive cost of production of concentrate. ”

Balance reserves of the Eastern bloc mine “Alardinskaja” are about 15 million tons of coal a valuable brand “KS”. This will ensure the smooth operation of the company in the next five years.


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