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How to save money kapital.

A lot of articles written about how to invest their money. And how to maintain daily work already accumulated capital? How to allocate savings to not only temporary economic fluctuations, but also global cataclysms they are not affected?
Consider a few standard methods of investing money:
1 Shares – this way of investing is highly unstable. It can give benefit for short-term investments and fine tuned. In the long term, we can only guess which industries will benefit. On the example of the Japanese economy, after the disaster, we can safely say that the investment in shares do not give guarantees. And the example of actions of the Venezuelan government, which nationalized a number of companies, this statement only confirms.
2 Gold and precious stones – extremely mobile investment. But this mobility and is a weak link. There are many examples of that in difficult times gold exchange to food. It is also easy to confiscate and kidnap, without the slightest hope of compensation. And that’s not to mention the constant price fluctuations. Also questioned the reliability of such investments puts the progress of science, which, in our time, has learned to create analogs of gems. What happens next can not be predicted!
3 Bank accounts – the modern development of the economy shows that banks are the most vulnerable link in the system. Can be ruined even the most reliable and proven banks. Also unstable and the monetary system. In critical situations, bills could turn into painted paper without having any value.
All the above arguments allow you to completely reject investments in the national currency of any country in the world.
4 antiques and works of art – one of the ideal investment. Over the years, the value increases. Create analogues is virtually impossible. There are only two disadvantages: the difficulty in the acquisition and storage. But these drawbacks enough to reject the idea of the reality of such investment.
5 Property and land – the only option that will provide certain guarantees preservation of the invested money. Here are just a few advantages of this investment:
– Difficult to destroy and steal;
– Documentary evidence of ownership;
– The eternal human desire to having a reliable home.
Also, there are many historical examples that confirm the possibility to reclaim their property, even many years after her loss in the historical times of crisis.
Capital preservation options are many, but each in its own way is unreliable. There is an old proverb, which is not recommended to put all your eggs in one basket. And do not forget that it is necessary to choose the methods of capital savings, which have a solid base and a time-tested.


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