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Investments in the metallurgical industry of Russia

Investments in the metallurgical

In the Irkutsk region under renewed Taishet aluminum smelter UC Rusal, owned by Oleg Deripaska. Construction is underway on a credit line of VEB. The cost of the first line of the plant is $ 1.77 billion, its capacity to 375 thousand. Tons of primary aluminum. Presently invested 35% of the total construction. The plant’s products will be imported, mainly from China. Aluminum prices are now high, problems with sales of aluminum in China is not present. There is another problem. The plant is not yet connected to the power lines that the aluminum industry is like death, because the cost of electricity in the production of aluminum is 40%.

It is planned that in its final form in Taishet smelter will be two stages, with a total capacity of 750 thousand. Tons of primary aluminum – it is one of the best in the world. Controlled by Oleg Deripaska’s holding company En + controls in the Irkutsk region number of HPP – Ust-Ilim, Bratsk and Irkutsk. But even their total capacity to be enough to provide electricity under construction giant. Construction of the aluminum giant was planned in the Soviet Union, it was expected that the energy giant will provide coal Kansk- Achinsk basin, which is currently controlled by the company SUEK. UC Rusal has started construction of Taishet aluminum plant in 2008 after the completion of the reform of RAO “UES of Russia”. That’s when the government made ​​it mandatory for generating electricity company to impose investment companies to build new facilities to include them as a consumer under construction aluminum plant, which broke out as the financial crisis has forced companies to abandon investments in the construction of new facilities. This gesture led to irritation in government circles. Government severely forced generating companies and consumers to urgently conclude m. N. contracts for supply of power, which oblige the first to introduce new generating capacity to a particular year, and consumers – to build an industrial facility, which consumed energy built-generating station. If someone did not fulfill contract clauses for supply of power, the perpetrators threatened large fines – up to 25% of the cost of new projects. UC Rusal has signed these agreements, in which the prices for connection to the new capacity introduced were very high. The result has been challenged by the return of investment in the construction of an aluminum smelter, even if the price for primary aluminum will be 2 thousand. Dollars per tonne. US Rusal hopes that the state will allow the company to build for their own power needs, contracting with the third power consumers. This will partially transfer the cost of building a power plant on the domestic electricity market and Chinese consumers of aluminum.

Near the town of deliv that in the Nizhny Novgorod region, United Metallurgical Company has built a steel plant worth $ 1.5 billion. Actually, this camp-5000, vol. E. Mill for rolling steel sheets up to five meters wide, which are used in the production of large diameter pipes used in the main lines of oil and gas pipelines. This project is also aimed at import substitution, since, until recently, these products Russian companies were forced to buy abroad.

UMMC-Holding, known in Russia over its assets in non-ferrous metallurgy, currently is building in the Tyumen region of a small steel plant worth $ 667 million. Half of the amount already invested in construction. The company will work on incomplete, ie. E. Without domain and coke production, metallurgical cycle, using as feedstock scrap. It is planned that the plant will produce up to 550 thousand. Tons of construction and long products, which will be sold in the local market.


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