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Poultry Complex “Donstar” moved to its own fodder

Complex for the production of meat Peking duck company “Donstar” (part of “Evrodon”, Rostov region) went to animal feed consumption of own production – delivery to the poultry site began Russia’s largest feed mill “Evrodon”, located in the district of Millerovskiy area.

As explained in the press service of the GC “Evrodon” for the first quarter 2015, the plant produced more than 11 thousand. Tons of feed. “All products are sent to the parent site poultry and commercial flocks of ducks complex” Donstar. ” Daily from plant leaves dozen loaded kormovozov “- said a company representative.

The plant currently produces and ships the nine kinds of organic granular mixed fodder for poultry industry. The plans – to expand the range and volume of production for major counterparties and the local population. The design capacity – up to 300 thousand tons of feed per year.

“Feed mill is of strategic importance for our entire duck complex. Through his activities have the opportunity to supply poultry feed assured quality and achieve the best genetic potential disclosure grown birds “, – stressed the head of the group of companies” Evrodon “Vadim Van.
Recall launch of the plant in December 2014. Then, the management group of companies “Evrodon” announced its intention in 2015 to launch another feed mill in the October district of Rostov region. Annual capacity is 120 tons per hour of commercial products. It is expected that these volumes will cover the entire needs of turkey meat production, which is projected to the company in the coming years will grow by 50-60 thousand tons.


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