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Rostselmash launches new line of serial technique

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Rostselmash simultaneously updated almost the entire range of production combines.

From general changes can be noted the introduction of a single unified hydraulic connectors headers for combine harvesters and self-propelled mowers. It allows you to save power combiners and time during assembly and disassembly headers, while providing a complete and outstanding protection against dirt hydraulics that protects it from wear and prolongs the life of uninterrupted work has saved the economy from downtime. Also completely rearranged and hydro electricity, that improve the user experience on the combines during servicing and maintenance work. New line of Rostselmash now features a new aesthetic single colors. The changes affected machines of all performance classes. In this regard, the model designation, new codes: 780 and 750 series TORUM; 550, 585 and 595 Plus series ACROS.


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