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Russia ranked second in the world in gold mining

Russia in 2014 increased gold production by 7% to 272 tons, pushing the second line of Australia (269.7 tons) in the world ranking of the largest producers of precious metals, according to Thomson Reuters GFMS.

Gold mining in Russia is growing not the first year. In 2013, gold production in Russia increased by 12.6% to 254.241 tonny.No leader to get complicated: China produces no less than 400 tons per year and in 2014 got 465.7 tonny.V under long-term trend of declining global prices Gold CBR bought the precious metal in Russian gold mining companies in 2014. Thus, the Russian Central Bank in December bought 600 thousand. troy ounces of the precious metal. December 1, the amount of gold to the Central Bank amounted to 38.2 million ounces, and already January 1, 2015 in reserves were 38.8 million ounces (over 1.2 thousand. Tons) of gold product shall be produced in the world in 2014 increased by 2 % to 3,109 thousand. tons, the market supply has not changed – 4,273 thousand. tonn.Spros gold in 2014 in the world fell by 18.7% to 4,041 tons. Including jewelery demand fell by 10.5% to 2,133 thousand. Tons. Purchases of gold by central banks rose by 12.7% to 461 tons, industrial demand fell by 4.7% to 389 tons. Investment demand fell by 40.1% to 1,057 thousand. Tons.


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