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The two main threats to the West – Russian imperialism and resettlement of the Muslim masses

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  • The two main threats to the West – Russian imperialism and resettlement of the Muslim masses


Nearing another collapse of Europe? The European Union is more like a colossus with feet of clay. It is very possible that in the modern form of our continent will soon cease to exist. Old Continent weak both economically and militarily, and its residents have long lost the will to live and die for the future generations to come. The decline of our society more and more like a period of decline of the Western Roman Empire.

24 August 410, the German army under the command of Alaric captured Rome. Christians were not the cause of the decline of Rome, on the contrary, they have become the descendants of the empire and, most likely due to the fact that there were a lot of different associations raznolikogo in Roman society the only ones who wanted to live not only for the present but also for the future. So when Alaric went to Rome, the city was already inhabited by the descendants of a Christian, and he was a Christian.

The emergence of Alaric at the walls of Rome became the perfect shock to the Romans, who realized that the more it is not enough one phrase “I – Roman” to scare away the Germans from capturing their city. Simply appalling is how the situation fall of the Western Roman Empire, similar to today. Success for Europe then was that it even in crisis due to the decline of society and the migration of peoples, yet did not have an enemy in the ideological level.
Despite the fact that the barbarians destroyed at the time of the Roman Empire, they borrowed its civilizational achievements, religion and culture. In the end, the same people, who destroyed the empire, subsequently raised empire and civilization to a new level and made it possible for the syncretism of the Roman heritage and the Judeo-Christian civilization, which merged into a single European civilization, which later became the Euro-Atlantic.

But there is no guarantee that exactly the same situation in Europe will develop in the case of the decline of modern European society. History of the Byzantine and Persian empires can serve as a warning to us, an example of how the pressure of immigrants and Islamic ideology disappears European civilization as Muslims spread and destroyed the civilization of Constantinople (now Istanbul) or civilization of Persia. And although some of their significant features of Islamic civilization subsequently adopted as a whole, these civilizations were destroyed and replaced with a caliphate.

In Europe today we are faced with two equal-threatening. It’s growing ambitions and military power of Russia and the mass immigration from Muslim countries, together with the spread of the most radical forms of Islam.

In the case of Russia, we must be careful. Despite the fact that our economic situation is still better than in Russia, history teaches us that it is not just economically weaker adversary destroyed economically stronger. With regard to the military sphere, our already weak position is weakened even more. In the public sphere, we are for Moscow too unimportant opponent. After the collapse of communism and the end of an era in Russia eltsinovskoy a regime that recognized the need for religion to his people again and leaned against the Orthodox Church, and in the regions inhabited by Muslims – Islam.

Thus, in the greatest country in the world today, you can still find quite young people who are ready to go to war and die, or for their Orthodox faith, or for his people.

But what should go to war and die, our people? For the right of homosexuals to adopt children? For support abortion? Support for multiculturalism? How do you think our men and women will be ready to go to war and die for a modern society? And the rulers of Russia is well known.

The former head of military intelligence Andor Sandor said that our citizens should just order to go to war and fight. But if people do not really believe that it is our wish for the state and society to die, it’s all over, as in the case of Austria-Hungary, where citizens were driven to war. Then our people over to the Russian, which then created legions. After all, in the end, what they were to die for the Austro-Hungarian society, which they did not agree?

Our modern society faces many internal crises, as well as two threats – Russian imperialism and the resettlement of the Muslim masses in Europe. These threats are equally significant, and both can destroy us. In the worst case, Russia will unite with Muslims. Who then will protect the European Union and our society? People who do not believe in? Mercenaries? Or are we just die?


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